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Node trine his Venus and Jupiter and con Juno. That's all about N. I have realised there are things you can only blame Juno for, came to write that and then I found this Quote:. Last edited by Poupoupidou; at AM. Juno in conjunction, trine, or parallel with Venus is the most powerful sexual linkage and even more powerful if both partners Juno's aspect each others Venus's but the sexuality of this aspect dies out as soon as they get married.

Juno Astrology - AstroManda

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Vesta and Juno in the birth chart aspects of the divine feminine principles

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Juno Aspects

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Juno in Virgo Man

Juno aspects in synastry? Thread Tools. Lilith71 Member. Join Date: Jun Posts: Find all posts by Lilith Join Date: Oct Posts: Find all posts by comdoc. Quote: Originally Posted by comdoc I first look at chart wheel overlays Rising signs, MC's, etc , then planet interaspects--including sign rulers and dwads, then asteroids. Quote: Originally Posted by Lilith71 What you mean little? Quote: Originally Posted by comdoc Hi Lilith, Little means lack of resonant power via chart house overlays and interaspects.

Your most important relationships will be ones initiated by you. Compatibility is generally based upon financial and sensual interdependency for you. You may find that discussing things with your partner is how you come to grips with or understand the issues and events in your life.

Important relationships will develop within an environment of verbal expression or networking. This is the foundation stone for all your other activities and pursuits. The most important relationships in your life will be with those you share your home with, or close family. You may prefer romance to commitment.

What Does Juno Mean In Astrology? What It Reveals About Who You'll End Up With

You like excitement and flair in your relationships. You may share work with your mate, and value efficiency and skill in each other. You require a partner who is attentive to the details of day-to-day existence. Interaction and cooperation are crucial. Your primary relationships will be marriage, partnership or other close one-to-one encounters. You thrive on intensity, and your relationships are deeply intimate and transformative, and probably intensely emotional and dramatic.

Shared truth and meaning is the foundation of your most significant relationships, and the need exists for mutual respect intellectually and philosophically. Your most significant relationships will occur through your profession or career. You will have relationships based upon a higher vision, and idealism is the keystone for them.

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Your primary relationships will be in the context of group interactions and friendships, those with whom you 'share a vision'. There are karmic issues being worked out in your primary connections, and suffering or victimization may be involved. Significant relationships may also occur within an institutional setting. It also symbolizes what he may complain about in a mate, when he is less than accepting of his own anima. Failure to embrace her innate sense of competence can show as inappropriate anger or hair-trigger temper, or a command to others to follow her lead even though her behavior may be less than inspiring.

JUNO in GEMINI is a networker, adept at handling and disseminating information, and in connecting others; unfulfilled energies show as gossip and an inability to stick to the subject. Disempowered, one clings and manipulates through feeling. When working the negative, this Juno is too vain to be of aid to others. JUNO in LIBRA works with others and emphasizes fairness, but when dysfunctional, she may be passive-aggressive or patently unfair but with a pretty smile. She is able to reach out intelligently to what is unusual, to educate.

Her negative expression is simply running away. Others love her in part because they can rely on her. A poorly functioning Cappy Juno brings chaos wherever she goes. In less positive form, we may see her power seated in delusion or fantasy.

JUNO in TAURUS appreciates a mate with sensual and artisanal skills, but he may be too focused on what his mate might earn from these skills, or on how these serve his own comfort. In the narrow-minded, this devolves into the desire for a trophy wife. On the negative side, he may really want a butler and an accountant. In less positive manifestations, insistence on harmony may negate the individuality of the mate.

Sun enters Scorpio

Taken too far, he may want to box up the mate and put her on the shelf. The feeling of commitment that Saturn creates goes both ways, but the Saturn person will feel the primary responsibility. Conjunctions are strongest, although oppositions and squares can do the trick as well. Trines and sextiles are less pronounced, but can still work if they go both ways your Juno and their Juno trines or sextiles mutual planets. For example, your lover has Juno in Virgo. They are looking for a very specific Virgo type of partner: someone who will join them as they tinker with, and improve, the relationship.

Your Sun conjuncts their Juno. This means that your external expression of purpose and ego perfectly matches what the Juno person is looking for in a partner. There is an instinctive sense of belonging, because you and your lover complement each other at a primary level.

The Sun person will usually dominate this is true for straight and same-sex couples.