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January 29
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You may feel helpless. Charity can be a good place to turn to—helping others can help make you feel more like you can make a difference.

Daily Horoscopes: January 29, - VICE

Today is a day to see patterns—what are you going toward? What is holding you back? Observing some of these things can help you figure out what your next steps are.

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Today is a great day to make a fresh start. Today is a day where self-care is critical. You can help people without losing yourself in the process. Watch your own back, Cancer—your shell is not as strong as you think it is today. Conversations can be confusing today, and you may find that your actions are being judged by someone.

January 29 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

There may be a needling issue that you need to unpack and discuss. Do so, but beware of crossing the line into gossip. Diplomacy is everything today. People who you may not expect are listening—look behind you before you spill! The moon in your career sector is pushing you to be bigger, bolder, louder. Mercury moves direct in your communication sector, helping the words return to you. Plan an adventurous and happy weekend. The royal new moon in Leo improves your communication skills, and your ruling planet Mercury moves direct on the same day, adding a double dose of brain boost.

The weekend is tender, so surround yourself with the people and places that feel like home. The new moon in Leo on Wednesday listens to your intentions on finances and personal security, so be vocal about what you need to feel safe. Mercury moves direct in your sign on Wednesday too, releasing you from any brain fog you've been feeling. Happy new year, Leo!

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A new moon in your sign on Wednesday is your annual reset energy, so push fear aside and list intentions to achieve your highest and brightest self. Mercury moves direct in your spirituality sector, inspiring you to take action from your intuition. A luxurious weekend is ahead, so indulge your senses and enjoy yourself. Mercury moves direct in your friendship sector, reconnecting you with friends. Do whatever makes you happy. A new moon in glamorous Leo on Wednesday helps you gather with your closest friends and enjoy the social energy. Mercury moves direct in your career sector so you can understand your value and make even more contributions at work.

A healing weekend is ahead, so take it easy on the plans—be gentle with yourself.

Horoscope for Aquarius

The new moon in high-profile Leo on Wednesday raises your career to new heights. Set intentions on getting that promotion or dream job. Be sure to listen. You have many talents. One needs cultivating.

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The only way to find out is to tune into your spiritual side. You will be surprised. Libra, your desire for physical pleasure and affection is craving for more.

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  8. Who will be the lucky ones to receive it? If you're feeling like there's so much to do, channel all that love you've got into some nurturing and creative acts. Cook up a storm. Love is meant to be shared! Scorpio, hydrate up. You're just getting started and your energy needs all the support it can get. You are going to be the center of attention. Everyone will wonder what you're up to. Let them guess.

    A situation has you feeling some kind of way? Don't sweat it. You know what you need, and you know how to get it. You're in control. Claim your place in the universe for a great day! Whatever you decide to make of this day, the universe will comply. Adventure awaits you. Aquarius, there's no feeling blue today, but if that's your power color, put it on. Today is a day to look your best since you never know when a last minute adventure will call your name. Dance when no one is watching. Binge on some of your favorite shows. Have fun while you wait for the next big thing!

    Pisces, you might be tempted to stay indoors. Your soulful nature feels mellow and more relaxed.