December 26 2019 lunar eclipse horoscope

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  3. New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn: Deep Dive into 12222
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Adjust these to get those for your time zone: for example. The year starts off with a bang, eclipse-wise, with a partial solar eclipse during the first week of January. But to see the Moon take its biggest bite out of Sun — the location of greatest eclipse — you'll need to venture to the bleak outpost of Srednekolymsk in central Siberia. Hey, at least it's got an airport.

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The obscuration and the weather are less dramatic elsewhere in northeastern Asia and the North Pacific Ocean. More information about this eclipse. Here are key events for the total lunar eclipse on January 20—21, It's been more than three years since everyone in the U. Totality lasts 63 minutes, from to UT.

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The timing of this one, with mid-eclipse at UT, gives everyone in North America a ringside seat — though it'll be a late night for anyone on the East Coast. So if it's clear that night, you'll have no good excuse for skipping this wonderful celestial event.

The diagram at upper right and the table below show you what to look for and when UT times are all for January 21st; local times are on the 20th if "p. Weather permitting, everyone in the U.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses [Complete List of When and Where]

As the map below shows, eclipse watchers in the Hawaiian Islands will see the Moon climb out of the Pacific Ocean at sunset on the 20th, with roughly half of it already immersed in shadow. Totality occurs in the hours before bedtime for those on the West Coast, but it happens later for those farther east and after midnight early on January 21st for the Eastern Seaboard.

Finally, go here to check out some interesting and scientifically useful observing activities that you can try during various stages of the eclipse. January's total lunar eclipse is observable from all of North America — which hasn't happened since September If you're one of the estimated million U. A yellow band marks the path of totality for the total solar eclipse on July 2, On paper, the solar eclipse of July 2, , offers up to 4 m 33 s of totality, nearly double that of August Two weeks after July's new Moon and the solar eclipse it creates , the month's full Moon will dive about two-thirds of the way into Earth's umbral shadow.

Unfortunately, with mid-eclipse at UT, July 16th's event isn't visible at all from North America. Instead, it's timed best for skywatchers in Europe, Africa, and before dawn on July 17th southern Asia and Australia. From South America, you'll see the end of this eclipse after the Moon rises. The year comes to a dramatic conclusion with an annular eclipse that traces across the Eastern Hemisphere for some 8, miles 13, km over the course of 3. The event begins at dawn north of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, with 2 m 59 s of annularity. Greatest eclipse with a central duration lasting 3 m 39 s comes in eastern Sumatra.

Just before it departs Earth's surface, the antumbral shadow races over Guam for 3 m 10 s. A partial solar eclipse will be observed across much of southern Asia and Australia. The recent run of hard-to-reach solar eclipses continues in , with an annular track running across Africa, the southern Saudi Peninsula, and southern Asia on June 21st and a total eclipse again slicing across Chile and Argentina on December 14th. Lunar-eclipse lovers will be both disappointed and stunned, as there'll be four barely-there penumbral eclipses in a month span. George… what sharp eyes you have!

July Partial Lunar Eclipse.

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn: Deep Dive into 12222

Every calendar year comes with its fair share of Eclipses or more than its fair share, like in There are a few simple keys to understanding how an Eclipse works. Rather, an Eclipse marks out a point in your birth chart that stays in effect until the next set of Eclipses. That point is sensitive to transits, and how it manifests in your life will depend on a couple of factors:. One of the old-school astrological rules about Eclipses that I find works well is that an Eclipse will have much more dramatic results if it falls above the horizon in your birth chart — in other words, in your 7th to 12th Houses.

That Eclipse is likely to have a significant effect.

Solar eclipse of December 26, 12222

Finally: remember that Eclipses tend to bring surprises, but not all surprises are necessarily bad. This Eclipse lands right in the thick of Jupiter square Neptune, and is closely riding the midpoint between Saturn at 11 degrees Capricorn and Pluto at 20 Capricorn. If nothing else, since a Lunar Eclipse is also a Full Moon, this could make for the wildest Monday night of action that your local singles bar has seen in ages.

Remember: sometimes the key to success is to just keep your damn fool mouth shut and not over-react to things. Sun trine Neptune and Moon sextile Neptune? Not so fast: this Eclipse happens with Venus in Cancer conjunct the North Node, with both very closely opposite Saturn. That could have a chilling effect on romance and finance, and that Mars-Uranus square is still in effect.

This one could cause a few breakups…. People tend to over-react to Eclipses, fearing the worst from them. Even without knowing a lot of astrology or having your own birth chart memorized, there is one simple way to tell if you should pay special attention to any of the above Eclipses. Were you particularly affected by the July 18, Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer? If so, you might want to keep a close eye on the January 5th and July 16th Eclipses.