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In lo Login Sign Up. Mercury will be positioned in your speech house till 7th November If you get a chance to participate in debate, grab this opportunity at your earliest. Your praise worthy performance will win hearts of everyone.

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Sun is meant to be depleted in your third house of courage till 15th November This will have a negative impact on your stamina and will power, your decision making abilities will likewise be affected thus making you anxious quite often. You need to maintain calm if you would prefer not to fall in a pit of negativity. Things will be better from 21st November onwards once Venus transits in your entertainment house.

Astrologer weekly libra

This factor will enable you to earn a good name in the society. Hastiness in actions and over thinking could prove to be a game spoiler for you. Patience and will power will be required throughout this month. Try not to put your feet in a new business partnership during this month. This month is favorable for establishing professional relations with foreign organizations. By the end of this month your boss and seniors will acknowledged your work performance and efforts and will offer you promotion as a token of appreciation. Love and Marriage: Love life will be stacked with certain uplifts as well as low points.

In case you develop feelings for someone, it is the need of the hour to bring a surety factor from your end, whether these are true emotions or just an infatuation. We can see certain challenges coming up in your love life.

Leo Horoscope for Finance and Wealth in 12222

Existing love relations will suffer on the account of confusions and misunderstandings between the couples. During this period, Saturn will test your patience and ideologies to pay you back for your deeds.

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  4. What should a Capricorn moon sign native expect from the forecast for the year ? Capricorn Horoscope prediction based your moon sign. Venus transit effects on love life of Leo moon sign native. Find out Venus transit effects on love life of Leo moon sign native.


    According to Vedic Astrology, Venus is correlated with wealth, values, beauty, bonding, energy, love, commitment and a feeling of connection with family and spouse. Transit of Mercury for Gemini moon sign natives. Astrological facts about brother-sister relationship. Bhai Dooj is celebrated with much fanfare across the Indian subcontinent.

    It takes place on the second day of the festival of Diwali, thus concluding the five day festivities.

    How the first house of your birth chart defines your state of health? Health is nothing less than money. We get to know its true value only when we lose it. We can earn great wealth with good health but not the other way round. Diwali Muhurtha. Saturn transit in Capricorn: What will be the impact on Gemini moon sign?

    Saturn will be transiting in Capricorn from 25th January till 30th April Weekly horoscope gives you time to plan our activities in advance for the week. Weekly predictions carry importance for a salesperson, professional to have a view of coming times. You can get forewarned about a positive or negative aspect of planetary positions through our weekly forecast. Weekly predictions can be helpful for traders as well. Indications from weekly predictions are useful for job holders to know whether to ask for a raise during the week or look for the more supportive time.

    Weekly astrology indications can give a single idea about supportive planetary positions for the week to propose your intentions. The weekly forecast can make you aware of possible health issue having the potential to trouble you. If you are in for an arranged marriage, the weekly forecast can let you decide about the supportive planetary position or not for the week.

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    Pisces career test

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