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They will wish to reach the innermost depths of any philosophy and may be drawn to uncover the darker sides of human nature, possibly getting involved in the occult or mysticism. Jupiter often indicates how finances are manifested by the individual. The sign of Scorpio deals with partnerships so often people with Jupiter in Scorpio will be involved with joint financial ventures making their money as part of a group of connected individuals.

It may well manifest as a joint husband and wife business or a family business. It can also indicate looking after other peoples finances, so they may make good financial advisors or fund managers. Scorpio also relates to matters of birth and death so people with Jupiter in Scorpio could be involved in private nursing, funeral businesses or elderly care homes.

If you would like to explore your natal chart or horoscope further, including your Jupiter sign, please see our computer generated astrology reports for details. Discover what Jupiter in each sign of the zodiac in your horoscope means from the corresponding pages in this section. This complexity is traditionally described by the three symbols which describe its expression — The Scorpion, The Eagle and The Phoenix.

Each of these symbols describes something about what motivates the Scorpio individual, and so what their potential in life might be. When the Sun is found in Scorpio, there is a gift for penetrating to the core essence of reality, to see things and others as they truly are. Ruled by the Water element, these are sensitive individuals. They have an almost compulsive need to face the truth about themselves and the people in their lives through penetrating beneath the core of surface appearances.


This sign is associated with desire, sexuality and release. It also relates to the psychological motivations which underpin human behaviour.

Learn Astrology > Jupiter in Scorpio in Your Natal Chart or Horoscope

Scorpios have the opportunity to offer a truly compassionate understanding of human nature to those who can benefit from it most. Scorpio governs matters to do with life, death, transformation, sexuality, intimacy, relationships, destruction, renewal and regeneration. This sign rules crisis situations, life and death decisions and emergency services. Accordingly, Scorpio is connected with stocks, bonds, investments, and decision-making which happens behind the scenes. Scorpio is also associated with hidden matters such as magic and the occult, as well as depth psychology, forensics, criminology, mafia and any study of unconscious forces.

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Those born under this sign often have an uncanny knack for sensing the subtle or hidden undercurrents in a situations, and tend to respond in ways that bring hidden dimensions to light. They can excel in circumstances that call for reconstruction, renewal and reform.

Who Is Most Compatible With Scorpio? | LoveToKnow

Scorpios will often show a fascination for at least one of these areas of experience, as well as a flair for confronting such issues head-on. This capacity to penetrate down to the core of what drives other people means that Scorpios are not likely to mince words. In negotiations and discussions, they have the ability to put their finger on exactly what is happening, or needs to be said in a given moment, in order to bring about change. They can also be especially effective in any activity that requires the identification of obstacles and then removing these from a recognized path.

They can also make excellent healers, counsellors and psychotherapists because of this capacity to uncover the truth. By sensing their way down to the foundations of human behaviour, they gain the perspective to look at things realistically and assess what is truly going on. This need to get to the core essence comes from a powerful urge to face truth. Scorpio is a sensitive and subtle sign. Whilst the may appear calm and controlled, they are easily hurt and need time to learn to trust. Once their trust is given, it is unflinching and absolute.

Because they a re so sensitive, they know when something incongruent is afoot. They quickly sense when others are keeping the truth from them, and this feeling will make them hold themselves back.

Venus enters Scorpio

They often prefer to sit back to assess others first, watching what they are doing, how and with whom before deciding who it is they can trust. Scorpios tend to be very private people, and even the most extroverted Scorpio will keep certain things strictly to themselves. It takes time for them to open up and share. They tend to value privacy and personal space.

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When feelings of trust and intimacy do develop, then they will be the most caring and generous of lovers or friends. For Scorpio emotional intimacy is a precious thing that must be earned. Their sensitivity makes them vulnerable, and they seek to protect this vulnerability by confronting the source of whatever is challenging them or causing them concern. By facing problems at their source, they hope to disarm an enemy or a situation before it has the opportunity to overpower them. Their best offence is defence, and they do this with lethal precision.

They will confront the truth about themselves, as well as other people, if it will bring them closer to their goal. They tend to require absolute honesty in their all interactions, and have a way of sensing when such a level of honesty is being withheld. This need to face what is going on can come across as provocative or confrontational.

Scorpios can seem controversial -even threatening — simply because they are seeking to expose the truth. The Scorpio ability to uncover the essence of things means that these individuals can see through any facade, and pick up on any attempt at deception that may be operating. It is very difficult for anyone to pull the wool over Scorpio eyes. They use this uncanny sensitivity to protect their vulnerable feelings, and seek out those they can fully trust. As much as Scorpios are famed for their intensity, they are also famed for their sting.

Learning to recognize and deal with the negative or toxic parts of their own nature is an essential part of the journey to know the truth. When they love someone, they do so completely. They can be especially devoted, caring and committed with their hearts. But when they feel threatened or uncomfortable, they may show a more destructive side of themselves which can be the source of much heartache and regret.

Because Scorpios deal in power and truth, they know the impact their words can have. They also know that words and truthfulness can be used to harm others as much as they can be used to heal. Those Scorpios who have not learnt to develop and refine their personalities can use a well-aimed remark to destroy another, attacking them at their weakest and most vulnerable point. The toxic, unconscious and non-regenerative aspects of their own nature will make them strike out defensively, and preemptively wound others to keep them at bay.

This then poisons their potential relationships, and destroys what might otherwise be healed. It is very human to blame others for the faults we also carry ourselves. This is an aspect of the shadow or unconscious. Scorpios need to recognize when this shadow is operating so that it can be redeemed and brought into the light.

This requires absolutely honesty, firstly with themselves. Once they see themselves more clearly, they are in a much better position to recognize when they need to keep clear of someone, and who it is they can really trust. This sign requires that they examine their own emotional natures, in order to grow and evolve. It is important that they learn to spend time alone, and get to the bottom of what they are feeling and why. As a Water sign, they may experience intense emotional needs and desires.

How to get your free natal chart

These desires demand satisfaction,and can lead to certain obsessions in their lives. Becoming obsessed about an outcome or a person is a strong signal that something deeper is going on. Often, Scorpios carry deep desires to posses or conquer another person as a way to conquer some undisclosed aspect of themselves. The other person represents a part of themselves they are unconsciously trying to bring into the light. Sometimes, they seek ways to control and subtly dominate others in order to have these needs met.