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January 23 Aquarius Personality
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They can easily move around any spheres and win friends there. But they sometimes forget to keep their promises. Their body usually strongly built, with swarthy complexion.

Sanguine of temperament. Their life tasks will be honorable but will not bring much in the way of gains. What career is best for them. They can achieve the greatest success as an artist, musician, scholar, intellectual worker, private secretary or in a literary position of any sort. They can also be a good trader or politician.



They have wide views which often go misunderstood by their surroundings. They will also make it in all associations, societies, public groups and generally in bigger enterprises. They can sometimes give too much significant to external forms, expressing ageism and perverseness. What should they be wary of. Of being too fearful and having tendencies for getting sad. For depression often comes up for them after periods of idealistic heights. What threatens them.

Sabian Symbol

They can be affected by some special disappointments in life, caused by too small practicality or death of loved ones. Their strength of will might prove inadequate to control all of what life throws at them.

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If your birthday is on January 23 your zodiac sign is Aquarius. This explains your personality very closely. You have a way of lifting the mood of anyone whom you walk into. You are a naturally cheerful person. In many cases, they are a product of their external circumstances.

Uranus is your planetary ruler, and Uranus is known for mystery. It is very dark, distant and mysterious, however. It is quite mysterious that people who may otherwise feel lousy and crappy inside can still project a lot of positivity and care, concern and compassion to the rest of the world.

You should avoid becoming divorced from your inner reality. Always stay tuned with your inner emotional reality. You obviously prize responding and projecting in the best and most positive way possible. I definitely encourage you to continue doing that.

January 23

However, never lose sight of your true emotional state inside because, otherwise, you will become numb to it. Worst of all, you start to ignore it and all of a sudden, there will be a massive disconnect between who you really are deep down inside and your external persona.

January 23 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Aquarius - Part 2

When you combine all the different colors, you get a tremendous sense of positivity and your sense of possibility is triggered. This is exactly the range of emotions you create when you walk into any room. Due the unique balance of Capricorn and Aquarius energies found in the person born on 23 rd January, these people are able to use the determination of the former star sign and the altruism of the latter sign to great effect in their professional life.

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People tend to come to you for advice irrespective of whatever you have grown up to enjoy training and development in actual psychology — you have a natural talent for these things. You can work out what makes people tick, what behaviours in them are unhealthy, and advise what events in the past have shaped their perceptions today. The only caveat here is that you might find your own behaviours hard to analyse and understand — a touch of irony that comes with these talents, for sure. The big challenge is for you to remain true to yourself while at the same time being a positive influence on all those around you.

Like it or not, you have this duality. You are a true yin and yang type of personality, and I mean that in the best and most positive way possible. Username or Email Address. Search Search for: Search.


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