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Indeed, Aries is associated with the concept of self , so it's no surprise that Uranus's motion through this fiery sign since has corresponded with the birth of "influencer" culture. The idea of the selfie has made such an impression, that Oxford Dictionary dubbed it the " word of the year " back in When Uranus goes into Taurus on Wednesday, March 6 in a few short months, we should brace ourselves for a little bit of backlash to this me-centric moment.

But until then, you should have some fun with it. Start a podcast , create a YouTube channel, or revamp your lifestyle blog.

January 26 Birthday Horoscope

It may seem like there's already a lot out there, but in all earnestness, there truly will never be another you. Don't be afraid to share your unique perspective with the world. After all, while revolution might not be televised, it may be Instagrammed. The latter half of January is likely to generate some societal shakedowns, as rebellious Aquarius season begins on Sunday, January Free-spirited Aquarius is associated with innovation, technology, and humanitarianism, so under this sky, the collective consciousness will become increasingly global.

On a macro level, we should expect to see some tension between the people and the establishment — especially on Monday, January 21 , when the final eclipse in the Leo-Aquarius series electrifies the sky. Since the Leo-Aquarius eclipses began in August , we've seen some radical changes in the "powers that be" Leo symbolizes the monarchy, while Aquarius represents the subjects. It only makes sense, then, that January's lunar eclipse will motivate us to use our personal resources, influence, and prestige to manifest comprehensive change on a large-scale level.

This month is all about fighting back. Mark your calendar for Sunday, January 6 , when Uranus concludes retrograde and begins moving forward again in your own sign. Read your full January horoscope here. A new astrological season begins on Sunday, January 20 , when the sun glides into Aquarius.

This lunation will highlight your financial sectors and invite you to take a good, hard look at your money situation. You enjoy good food and conversation. You have natural people skills as it applies to your business sense.

Sun enters Scorpio

Others join in your business ventures because you are active in your causes and bring a unique flavor to the team. The January 26 horoscope shows that they are defiant in following. Some of you are leaders, and some are followers. Aquarius, you have the skills to advance with your creative way of doing things. It is new and exciting ideas that bring you financial success.

Sun enters Scorpio

If today is your birthday, then you love learning and nature. Aquarians born this day are rational people but at the same time, idealistic. You are very much a sensitive person. With Uranus as the ruling planet, your way of thinking is usually, let us say, different from others. Aquarius, you are unconventional, but it ironically creates a following for you.

January 26 Birthday Horoscope

Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. People with Aquarius birthdays have a strong desire to have free will or the ability to make a choice. Your stubbornness, your emotional blockage, and your human imperfections are what festers this need to be free; free to be who you were meant to be. It is the epitome of being free, they say. Being free is surreal. There is no price on that. January 26 birthday personality tend to be very willing to help others. You will stand with them for a good cause.

You would be the boss that rolls the sleeves up when it is time to go to work. You are in it for the win. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Some particular January 26 birthday personality flaws are that you can be somewhat challenging and capricious. You can also be very blunt and to the point. When you have not committed to an idea, you can be insipid. At the same time, when you choose a side and you are most certainly stubborn! After all, you make your own rules.

An Aquarius is an unusual character. January 26 astrology analysis shows that you have a unique gift. You should use these talents to your advantage. The planetary alignment indicates that you are least compatible with an Aquarius. You see, you hardly have anything in common with these natives. As such, a relationship with them would not work out. If anything, it would be quite disastrous. We strongly advise against it! June 26 zodiac people strongly believe in the cohesion of their families. You believe that this is the key to security for you and your loved ones.

Thus, you try to surround yourself with people who share in this view. Being an adventurous person, you like traveling in search of new experiences. From your travels, you bring back knowledge that is beneficial to your community. You enjoy the familiarity of your own home. Thus, you spend considerable resources and effort to make it comfortable.

January 26 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Aquarius - Part 2

You turn to your home for relaxation after touring the wider world. People appreciate your altruistic nature. You are ready and willing to share your resources with the less fortunate in your society. However, you have a couple of flaws that you need to take care of.

January 26th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

These weaknesses are largely responsible for the slow progress in certain areas of your life. For example, you tend to bury your head in the sand when confronted by certain challenges. This is not a very mature way of dealing with issues. You need to be braver, and face them head-on. Also, you suffer bouts of low self-esteem. Remember, your sense of self-worth is all in the mind. The power to build your confidence is in your mind.

All in all, you will come out ahead eventually. Refuse to be daunted by the naysayers whose only interest is to kill your dreams. You share the June 26 birthday with many famous people from around the world.

Today 26 january birthday horoscope aquarius

Here are five of them:. June 26 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Cancer.

You are in the same category as those born between June 21 and July 2. The Moon plays a supervisory role in the lives of those born in this decan. Thus, you exhibit the stronger characteristics of this celestial body. For example, you are nurturing and emotional. These are the more positive qualities of Cancer.

People define you by your strong sense of focus. Once you have set your sights on a target, nothing will deter you from your chosen trajectory.

You believe in your own greatness, and you are willing to go to great lengths to achieve it. Your birthday stands for adaptability, perseverance, dependability, and efficiency. Use these qualities prudently!